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So, Why SeeMotion?

At SeeMotion, we take a tremendous amount of pride in what we do. We are invested and dedicated every step of the way. We build one system at a time and don't over extend ourselves, this is the best way to ensure that quality meets our customer. Each system is tested at our facility before processing for shipment. Our controls logic is first-rate and we have not yet encountered a production process that we couldn't improve. Give us an opportinity and we will surpass your expectations and define a new standard of how things should be done.

Conveyor Owner Maintenance tips

Tip #1

Blow debris out from under the conveyor!! Instead of using it as a rug and sweeping stuff under it. Leaf blowers work well, but so do the air drops commonly found all over a box plant. 

Tip #2

Tighten the drive belts over time. We use an industry standard, PVC-120 belt. As the system is used the belt will stretch out a little bit over time. No one likes a conveyor system that squeals! 

Tip #3

Put together a maintenance check list to be executed on a routinely basis. This will keep you ahead of the game and help to prevent against costly replacements or repairs as well as keep you from experiencing down time.

Tip #4

Purchase a spare parts kit!! We all know that industrial equipment is subject to lots of abuse. A spare parts kit ensures that you are prepared to remedy most things as the system experiences wear and tear over time. Things happen

Tip #5

Check photo eyes and sensors for proper alignment and functionality. Automation relys on these to work properly, so keep them in good shape to ensure success!

Tip #6

Ensure that your facility is providing a clean and dry air supply. Conveyor works by using solenoids and air bags. Make sure to supply it with good air to get the most!

Tip #7

As the belt loosens over time and requires some minute tightening be sure to align the belt properly, this will ensure that your system always tracks and is ready to move product.

Tip #8

Keep an eye for loose bolts! Conveyor sustains lots of vibration, this can cause some small hardware to work loose. Add this to the maintenance check list to ensure that your system stays operating at its best!


SeeMotion News - at SeeMotion, we are constantly staying ahead by creating innovative new methods, implimenting state-of-the-art technology and providing our customers with what they need in a rapidly growing industry. Here is where we will keep you up to date on whats new with SeeMotion!


August 2020 - SeeMotion improves our modular plastic belt design to make it stronger, easier to outfit and even more modular than before! We have noticed a shift in interest in these great pieces of equipment. They provide a safer area to work around, product transisitions very smoothly into other pieces of equipment and they really add a cutting edge aesthetic to a manufacturing facility. Check them out today! 

June 2020 - SeeMotion is excited to announce that we have completed our most recent addition to our process! A state-of-the-art roller press! This was designed to incorporate speed, ease and safety! We are able to custom make rollers as long as 96" that fit perfectly into SeeMotion's powered roller conveyor and away the boxes go! We are making better rollers faster than ever before! 

March 2020 - SeeMotion makes moves to promote our SeeStrap automatic strapping system! This truly is fast, simple and accurate every time. When the mainline starts filling up with unit after unit, sometimes unitizing areas can become a source of a hold up. Our SeeStrap system allows your operator to keep product going and stay ahead of the game! Contact us to find out more about this extremely important part of your production process. 

February 2020 - SeeMotion adds a new member to our competent and driven sales team! Caleb Kidd has been with SeeMotion since 2012, starting out with the production and installation teams. This hands on field experience is a valuable skillset when it comes to helping you make decisions about the system that will suit your needs the best. Reach out to him for any of your materials handling needs! 

   At SeeMotion, we  supply the highest quality materials handling solutions for your production needs.

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