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History of SeeMotion


SeeMotion is founded by Robert Shenigo and Steve Ebling

The vision gains momentum by two industry seasoned gentlemen.


SeeMotion starts by refurbishing and recontroling used strappers

SeeMotion would purchase older strapper, give them a make over mechanically and electrically and then introduce them back into service. Buying strappers turned into buying used conveyor and recontroling that as well.


SeeMotion start manufacturing its own brand of conveyor

At this point SeeMotion has gained enough trust from people in the corrugated industry to begin manufacturing their own conveyor line.


SeeMotion grows from 3,000sq. ft. to 13,000sq. ft. 

SeeMotion has created a demand large enough to warrant its first large scale growth. More space means more capabilities.


SeeMotion adds an installation department

With a growth in demand and capabilities SeeMotion grows to become a more "full-service" oriented conveyor company.


SeeMotion doubles sales since 2008

SeeMotion maintains its consistent growth and doubles sales from what it was opening the doors in 2008.


Sales come in at just shy of $5 Million with 15 people

SeeMotion continues to serve the industry and has created a name for itself as a reliable, caring and effective supplier.


SeeMotion continues to stay innovative and proactive

In an industry that is constantly changing, SeeMotion always stays up to date with new technology and methods and always makes sure that our customers have the best means of moving product.

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